Meet Team DENHAM: Julien Ong Alok

Meet Julien Ong Alok, a sales assistant in our Amsterdam men’s store (Prinsengracht 495). Outside of work, Julian has a guilty pleasure: posting his latest outfits (and a glimpse inside his sneaker obsession) on his Instagram channel. 

Name: Julien Ong Alok

From: Amsterdam

Worked at DENHAM since:  September 2014

Favourite thing about working at DENHAM? It’s a growing company and I like to grow with the company.

Favourite jean? I’ve got a few: Tokyo, Razor and Patrol. The last one is an older fit which we don’t have anymore.

Virgin denim or stretch? Virgin denim!

Trench coat or leather bomber jacket? Leather bomber jacket for sure.

Favourite sneaker? Actually I’ve got a few, but my all time favourite sneaker is the Air Jordan 1.

Favourite thing about Amsterdam? It’s a big city but at the same time it feels like a small town.

And a fun one: swimming or skiing? Swimming

What Julien’s wearing:

Razor 4YJ (Made in Japan)

“I’m wearing an old Razor jean that was made in Japan. I love that it’s a limited-edition style, so it’s numbered inside. Each jean is totally one-of-a-kind, which makes me feel special when I wear them.”

This is a style from a previous collection, but you can shop a similar style here.
Click here to read more about our “Made in Japan” jeans.

Gusset Sweat

The Gusset Sweat is older style; we’ve since revamped the silhouette and renamed it the Crew Sweat. We’ve improved the design with increased ribbing on the side and arm panels, which allows for enhanced comfort and movement.


Photo: Catharina Veder.

Introducing: The Recut Parka

One of the most special pieces in the Fall-Winter 2017 collection is the “Re-Cut Parka,” a one-of-a-kind, limited edition parka.

The jackets have been crafted from vintage Dutch military tents from the Second World War. DENHAM repurposed the tents — from the original ripstop fabric to the seams and toggles — to create the parkas, working around the tents’ seams, windows, doors and flaps. Each has a completely unique colour pending the original tent’s exposure to sunlight and other wear-and-tear.

The original ripstop fabric used to make the tents was produced with a special technique that reinforced nylon with interwoven thick threads. The unique crosshatch pattern increased strength and durability, making the fabric resistant to tearing and ripping — a coveted quality for military tents that would endure exposure to harsh elements.

We upcycled the vintage military tents and gave them a new purpose, for which they weren’t initially intended. Instead of making the parkas from new fabric or material, we’ve created something more sustainable and eco-friendly.

The parka features a removable, down-filled liner for additional warmth on chilly days. Thus, it’s a three-in-one garment: wear with or without the liner, or wear the liner on its own. It also has a detachable hood, which is made from a vintage parachute camouflage fabric.

“It’s not oversized, but it’s spacious enough that you can layer up in winter,” says Evans. “ This parka is the perfect cold weather jacket.”

The jacket’s silhouette was inspired by the M-1951 fishtail military parka; the US Army originally designed it with an olive-coloured shell made from wind-resistant cotton sateen. It had slit front pockets, sleeve pockets and a hooded liner; later it was redesigned in a way that was cheaper to manufacture in mass-produced quantities.

DENHAM Re-Cut Parkas have been produced in limited quantities; only 250 have been made in total.