Meet Team DENHAM: Kim Woestenburg

Meet Kim Woestenburg, a sales assistant at our Amsterdam men’s denim bar (Runstraat 18). 

Name: Kim Woestenburg

From: The Hague, but now living in Amsterdam

Worked at DENHAM since: November 2015

Favourite thing about working at DENHAM? That I’ve found my favourite pair of jeans (multiple actually…)

Favourite jean? Can’t choose between the Monroe BRA and Farrah Flare YBRI. 

Virgin denim or stretch? Stretch.

Trench coat or leather bomber jacket? Trench coat.

Favourite sneaker? A classic Nike Air Force 1 white 

Best thing about Amsterdam? Daydrinking at the Noordermarkt on a sunny Saturday.

And a fun one: beach or mountains? As a person who grew up in The Hague I’d have to say the beach.

What Kim’s wearing:

Spray Super Tight Fit Jeans – ABBF

Amelia Camel Cardigan (previous season)

“I love this versatile sweater because it keeps me feeling warm and cosy, plus the combination of black and blue is so pretty. It’s perfect whether I’m hanging out at home, or going out for casual drinks. Every time I wear it, I get a lot of compliments.”

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Photos: Catharina Veder.