Behind the Scenes at Candiani Denim

For over 10 years, DENHAM has worked in close collaboration with Candiani Denim, a renowned mill near Milan, Italy.

Candiani Denim was founded in 1938 by Luigi Candiani, and it has remained a family-owned mill that is today run by Luigi’s great-grandson, Alberto. Located in a nature reserve near Milan, it’s a beautiful mill that’s at the forefront of denim innovation. In fact, it’s called “the greenest mill in the blue world” because of its unrelenting commitment to sustainability.

The mill is normally closed to the public, but we recently visited Candiani and made some snapshots to give you a peek behind-the-scenes.

“I love the Italians because they break all the rules: they’re artistic and creative. They do things with the highest levels of quality, and their methods of weaving, manufacturing and washing are amazing. When we inject that into our products, the result is … well, mouth-watering.”

– Jason Denham

Meet Team DENHAM: Tom Doest

Meet Tom Doest, a sales associate at our men’s store (Prinsengracht 495) in Amsterdam. Tom is known around DENHAM for his original, eclectic sense of style and his impeccable beard!

Name: Tom Doest

 From: Amsterdam

Worked at DENHAM since: May 2016

 Favourite thing about working at DENHAM? I get to be myself every single day, surrounded by denim and like-minded people, at one of the coolest spots in the world.

 Favourite jean? Drill VJS.

 Virgin denim or stretch? Virgin all the way!

Trench coat or leather bomber jacket? The bomber, though everyone needs a good trench coat.

 Favourite sneaker? Chuck Taylor ’70s.

 Favourite thing about Amsterdam? All the different cultures it houses makes for an amazing melting pot of creative, energetic and open-minded people.

And a fun one: sneakers or flip-flops? I’ll wear Jordans to the beach, if that’s an answer.

Photos courtesy Iris Duvekot.

From team DENHAM: visit Amsterdam in winter!

While nothing can beat a canal cruise through Amsterdam in summertime, we have to admit that the city can be pretty beautiful in winter — despite the cloudy weather. If you’re thinking about visiting Amsterdam at this time of year, don’t think twice. The winter season is all about cosy cafes, museums, ice skating and more. And if you’re lucky enough to be in town for a rare snowfall, you’re guaranteed to fall even more in love with the city once it’s covered in a layer of fresh powder. Our DENHAM team share their favourite tips for what to do in Amsterdam in winter.

 “I love to cosy up in a brown bar playing cards or board games. The local bars are the best ones, like Festina Lente, the Laurierboom or Café de Tuin. Comfort food is also a must and places like Pendergast really fit the bill with slow cooked ribs and brisket. My last tip is the Festival of Light. Take a boat tour where you can tuck yourself into a blanket and have some mulled wine to keep you cosy whilst enjoying Amsterdam from the water!”

Katy Peck, Collection Developer

“You have to enjoy the Dutch winter cuisine! You haven’t experienced a true Dutch winter if you haven’t eaten a stamppot, which is a typical dish of mashed potatoes. You also have to try oliebollen; you can find several stands around the city. Eat them with lots of sugar for that extra rush. Finally, try a steak at Castel, near Leidseplein. It’s a restaurant that looks like a castle from the inside — there’s no daylight, but an amazing fireplace you can sit around while you eat your steak.”

Roosmarie Meester, HR Manager

“Everybody loves Amsterdam in the summer, but I really enjoy the vibe of the city in the winter. The lights on the streets, amazing reflections on water and the occasional fog create breath taking moments when you walk late at night along the canals. Start in the afternoon at Winel 43 and grab Amsterdam’s best apple pie. Then head to the Brouwersgracht, one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals. Along the walk, stop by JD William’s Whiskey Bar to warm up with a whiskey. For dinner, you might be unlucky without a reservation, but head to Envy for really, really good food. The real treat for winter nights is De Kas in Amsterdam east. The restaurant is located in a former green house meaning you have this amazing night experience of dining underneath the sky.”

Thomas Stegelmann, Head of Ecommerce

“Take a nice walk along the canals, followed by brunch and hot chocolate at Conservatorium Hotel.”

Maggy Tuijp, Collection Developer Denim

“Go to the Fondue Bar – they have the best cheese fondue in town! Fondue with truffle is my favourite. Otherwise, visit the Amsterdam Light Festival, the De Amsterdamse Winterparade or go ice skating at Museumplein. End the day with a specially brewed beer at Troost Westerpark.”

Maurice van den Brink, Systems & IT Manager

DENHAM Ambassador: Liz Stephens

Get to know our DENHAM ambassadors — our stylish friends who know a great pair of jeans when they spot one. Ranging from artists, designers and creatives to chefs, actors and bloggers from around the world, these fashionable influencers each love DENHAM for different reasons … and each show us how they wear DENHAM with their own unique twist.

Name: Liz Stephenson

Location: Oman & Canada

Profession: Luxury travel and lifestyle blogger.

Style summarised in three words: Chic, classic and edgy.

Sneakers or heels? Heels.

Favourite travel destination: Dubai.

Your best fashion advice? Black is always a good idea.

Three things you would bring to a desert island? iPhone 8, snacks and sunscreen.

How do you style your jeans? With a collared shirt half tucked in, and black pumps.

How did you discover DENHAM? I found DENHAM when I was walking around aimlessly in Amsterdam! I bought my first pair of black DENHAM jeans and then had pancakes. It was perfect.

What do you most like about the brand? The quality.

What’s your favourite DENHAM style? Gotta love the Needle — it makes the booty pop!

Click here to follow Liz on Instagram.

Photos courtesy Emelie Iggiotti.

“A Decade of DENHAM” (Our 10-Year Anniversary Book)

As part of DENHAM’s 10th anniversary celebrations in 2018, we’ve published a coffee table book to commemorate our decade-long journey in jean making.

A Decade of DENHAM tells the full story of the brand and highlights our most memorable moments to date, as recollected by Jason Denham (Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DENHAM the Jeanmaker). Spanning 512 pages, the anthology also features over 800 stunning photos encompassing all things DENHAM: jeans, scissors, retail, staff, collections and more.

Book highlights include Denham’s personal collection of scissors; the best “virgin to vintage” jeans; top collaborations from the past decade; and a glimpse into the brand’s global retail presence.

A Decade of DENHAM pays tribute to our milestone 10-year anniversary in a beautiful way,” said Jason Denham. “The collectible book explores the spirit of our brand: the people, principles and ethos that make us unique. We’ve complemented the storytelling with pages and pages of visual candy — beautiful, glossy photos of denim, stores and scissors that will make your mouth water.”


“This book celebrates a designer and entrepreneur who we at MENDO look up to,” says Gunifort Uwambaga, Publisher at MENDO. “The final book is a beautiful object to have at home. It’s 500 pages of how to build a denim brand, all wrapped up in the highest quality of paper, print and finishing details.”

Similar to DENHAM’s approach to jean making, the book has been produced using the finest levels of authentic craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainability. It has been printed in the Netherlands with paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The launch of the book marks the start of DENHAM’S 10th anniversary year, which will be celebrated throughout the entirety of 2018. Each month, DENHAM will introduce a new collaboration, event or launch as part of a dedicated “Decade of DENHAM” program.

Click here to purchase the book.