DENHAM Ambassador: Milan Gino

Get to know our DENHAM ambassadors — our stylish friends who know a great pair of jeans when they spot one. Ranging from artists, designers and creatives to chefs and bloggers from around the world, these fashionable influencers each love DENHAM for different reasons … and each show us how they wear DENHAM with their own unique twist.

Name Milan Gino

Location Amsterdam

Profession Photographer and filmmaker for brands and personalities 

Your Instagram @milangino

Style summarised in a few words A mashup of raw denim, biker jackets and Danish clean basics — and always a hat.

Sneakers or boots?  Boots with jeans, sneakers with pantalons.

Three things you would bring to a desert island? The babe, our baby boy and my hammock — for me the most important things in life.

Favourite travel destination? New York. It’s the best place where you can find everything you crave!

What do you love most about Amsterdam? The small little brown bars on every corner of the street, and the fact that you can stroll from the Jordaan district to the Amstel in less than 30 minutes. It’s feels more like a big village, not a city.

What’s your best fashion advice? Don’t try too hard. Don’t push yourself. Choose quality over quantity. Be aware of sustainability. Choose brands that relate to what or who you are.

How did you first hear about DENHAM? When they opened the first store (10 years ago!) I had some denim freaks in my inner circle and they were super hyped by the selvedge from DENHAM.

What do you like about the brand? The people, the philosophy, the need to be sustainable, the way they collaborate with such great talents and big artists.

What’s your favourite DENHAM style? The dark blue selvedge jeans are essentials, but I also dig the designs made with Candiani Denim — they’re edgy, have a nice fit and are really recognizable.

How do you style your jeans? Mostly with boots, but sometimes with strange Vans or indigo Converse, plus an oversized denim or biker jacket.

Best tip you’d give to a tourist visiting Amsterdam for the first time? Get lost, talk to strangers, be kind, and never ever rent a bike! 😉

Milan is wearing pieces from the current DENHAM collection, online now.


From Team DENHAM: Our Summer Playlist

When the sun in shining and the days are long, nothing beats a great summer playlist! Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or an ‘al fresco’ dinner with friends, we love a good tune. Here’s what our team at DENHAM have been listening to this summer.


Maggy Tuijp (Collection Developer Denim): My summer playlist is diverse, with new albums of Drake, The Weekend, Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar, who I will see live at Lowlands this summer! I am also a sucker for ’80s and ’90s hits. On Friday afternoon in the office, we always play Ronnie Flex, Lil’ Kleine and Bizzey.

Blijf bij mij (Ronnie Flex)

Pray for me (The Weekend & Kendrick Lamar)

Drama (Bizzey)

In my Feelings (Drake)

Rockstar (Post Malone)

Marcia Godet (Retail Director Europe): I can’t imagine a day without music! Next to my favourite ’90s and ’00s R&B and hip hop, these songs where on repeat this summer:

In My Feelings (Drake)

Catch Up (Josylvio)

One Kiss (Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa)

OTW (Khalid)

Nim Gadhia (Senior Designer): My music choice is always eclectic. I pick up tracks (using shazam) when I’m out in stores, in bars, watching movies or tv shows. Some are old, some are new,  some are “good” and some are “bad.” The five tracks I have on heavy rotation at the moment:

Stir it up (Patti Labelle)

Bad Bad News( Leon Bridges)

Inhale (Duke Dumont)

You met your match (Stevie Wonder)

Hello Stranger (Barbara Lewis)

Jessica Kleyn (Online Merchandiser & Product Fulfilment): My music choice varies; I love hip hop, R&B and songs of today, but my preference goes to tunes from the ’80s and ’90s. But don’t use me as your DJ, except if you enjoy listening to songs on repeat!

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Whitney Houston)

The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)

Juicy (The Notorious B.I.G.)

Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars)

Him & I (G-Easy, Halsey)

Cat Veder (Graphic Designer): I create a new playlist every summer! The music depends on where I am geographically; when I was touring through Morocco I loved jazzy, upbeat acoustic songs. When visiting my family’s home in Italy, I like classic sing-a-longs to hum with the windows down while cruising through the hills. My top five this summer are:

Hot Dreams (Timber Timber)

Master of None (Beach House)

Dreams (Feetwood Mac)

B-A-B-Y (Carla Thomas)

Helplessly Hoping (Crosby, Stills & Nash)

DENHAM Ambassador: Priscilla Nelom

Get to know our DENHAM ambassadors — our stylish friends who know a great pair of jeans when they spot one. Ranging from artists, designers and creatives to chefs and bloggers from around the world, these fashionable influencers each love DENHAM for different reasons … and each show us how they wear DENHAM with their own unique twist.

Name Priscilla Nelom (@priscilla_krentenbrood)

Location Amsterdam

Profession Fashion and lifestyle editor & Instagrammer 😉

Style summarised in three words Sexy, cool, trendy.

Sneakers or heels? Definitely sneakers, but sometimes I squeeze in a little heel. Kind of funny, but there was a time when it was completely the other way around.

Favourite travel destination Barcelona!

Your best fashion advice? Don’t look at the sizes, and just try it on. I have extra small items in my wardrobe, but also extra large. If it fits, it fits…

How do you style your jeans? Depends on my mood and the occasion. If I go to work I often style my jeans with a blouse and cute sandals or boots. When I go out — let’s say to a festival — I like to combine my jeans with a girly (and sexy) top, and then mix it with dad sneakers. The contrast makes the outfit more interesting I think.

How did you first hear about DENHAM?

Hmm, let me think. I believe it was a couple of years ago. While shopping in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam, I passed a shop (DENHAM) with really nice stuff in the shop window. I had to step in the shop to have a peak at the collection …

What do you like about the brand? I love the fact that it’s a Dutch brand with international coolness. I also like the scissors logo — it’s so recognisable!

What’s your favourite DENHAM style? It’s hard to name just one style; I think the brand overall is really cool and that’s what I like about it.

Three things you would bring to a desert island? Bug spray (I’m terrified of insects!), my boyfriend (would be nice to have someone to talk to over there), and a magazine for the times that I don’t feel like talking with him, haha!

The Fall ’18 Collection Is Here!

DENHAM is excited to introduce its Fall-Winter 2018 collection, titled Indigo Manor.

The collection is inspired by Jason Denham’s own heritage in the Northern English countryside, from the steel foundries of Sheffield to the rolling Yorkshire Moors.

Designs fuse classic workwear references with indigo fabrics, modern tailoring and technical details. They channel the spirit of British country pursuits — think hunting and hiking at historic manor estates — while reflecting DENHAM’s signature utilitarian aesthetic. An autumnal colour palette is filled with rich tones like merlot, gold, burnt caramel and deep seaweed.

In time for the weather shift, the men’s outerwear offering includes the Chromium Jacket, a technical nylon piece with a down filling for supreme warmth. The Highland Parka is also a water-resistant, all-weather coat with an ergonomically-designed hood for extra protection in winter. For a more tailored look, the Trail Blazer jacket is a classic three-button style crafted form a double-knit wool-blend.

Women’s outerwear features the Libertybell Jacket, which has a sophisticated aesthetic with an asymmetrical centre closure and a high neckline; it’s cut from soft, Italian melton wool. For a more edgy style, the Triumph Biker is a classic, fitted biker jacket with a subtle pebbled finish and removable faux fur collar.

Click here to explore the new collection, which is now online!


Photos: Iris Duvekot.