DENHAM Ambassador: Priscilla Nelom

Get to know our DENHAM ambassadors — our stylish friends who know a great pair of jeans when they spot one. Ranging from artists, designers and creatives to chefs and bloggers from around the world, these fashionable influencers each love DENHAM for different reasons … and each show us how they wear DENHAM with their own unique twist.

Name Priscilla Nelom (@priscilla_krentenbrood)

Location Amsterdam

Profession Fashion and lifestyle editor & Instagrammer 😉

Style summarised in three words Sexy, cool, trendy.

Sneakers or heels? Definitely sneakers, but sometimes I squeeze in a little heel. Kind of funny, but there was a time when it was completely the other way around.

Favourite travel destination Barcelona!

Your best fashion advice? Don’t look at the sizes, and just try it on. I have extra small items in my wardrobe, but also extra large. If it fits, it fits…

How do you style your jeans? Depends on my mood and the occasion. If I go to work I often style my jeans with a blouse and cute sandals or boots. When I go out — let’s say to a festival — I like to combine my jeans with a girly (and sexy) top, and then mix it with dad sneakers. The contrast makes the outfit more interesting I think.

How did you first hear about DENHAM?

Hmm, let me think. I believe it was a couple of years ago. While shopping in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam, I passed a shop (DENHAM) with really nice stuff in the shop window. I had to step in the shop to have a peak at the collection …

What do you like about the brand? I love the fact that it’s a Dutch brand with international coolness. I also like the scissors logo — it’s so recognisable!

What’s your favourite DENHAM style? It’s hard to name just one style; I think the brand overall is really cool and that’s what I like about it.

Three things you would bring to a desert island? Bug spray (I’m terrified of insects!), my boyfriend (would be nice to have someone to talk to over there), and a magazine for the times that I don’t feel like talking with him, haha!

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