DENHAM Ambassador: JP Schaddé van Dooren

Get to know our DENHAM ambassadors — our stylish friends who know a great pair of jeans when they spot one. Ranging from artists, designers and creatives to chefs and bloggers from around the world, these fashionable influencers each love DENHAM for different reasons … and each show us how they wear DENHAM with their own unique twist.

Name: I always introduce myself as JP, which stands for Jean-Paul Schaddé van Dooren … so it’s easier to remember JP!

Hometown: Amsterdam

 Profession: Co-founder of

 What is City We write about food, drinks and awesome hotspots in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and travel a lot to produce weekend guides.

Your website / Instagram: /

 Style summarised in three words: Start with confidence.

 How did you first hear about DENHAM? My first roommate in Amsterdam worked in fashion and told me about the brand. I have been hooked ever since!

What do you like about the brand? Jeans, jackets, sweats and perfect denim. What’s not to like?

What’s your favourite DENHAM style? Dark jeans, a grey sweater or a white shirt.

 Sneakers or boots? Sneakers.

Favourite travel destination: I prefer a city over nature, but I love to travel through countries in Asia for a month at a time. Then you might even find me at some beaches, too!

Your best fashion advice? Feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

 How do you style your jeans? Depends on the occasion, though preferably with sneakers and a t-shirt.

 Three things you would bring to a desert island? Sorry, no denim needed then! I would say a group of fun ladies, a bartender with an inexhaustible source of drinks, and a BBQ. Unless there is electricity and WiFi, in which case I would like to exchange one of these things for my phone, please.

JP is wearing the Razor GROF with the Crew Tee CJ and Standard Shirt PID.

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