The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in 2012 in Sydney, Australia, by Mark Hawwa. His idea was a themed motorcycle ride to combat the often-negative stereotype of men on motorbikes, while connecting communities together and raising funds for charity.

It began with 2,500 riders in 64 cities; this year, over 120,000 men in 650 cities will convene with their classic motorcycles to raise funds and awareness for men’s health — specifically prostate cancer and mental health. The ride will be held on September 30, 2018.

DENHAM is a proud supporter of the “DGR,” which coincides with the launch of the new DENHAM X Barbour International collection. We caught up with the organiser of the DGR Rotterdam, Gideon Schipaanboord, to find out more.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Gideon Schipaanboord and I’m the director of a creative digital agency called GuiltyPeople. We connect brands with consumers, which I think reflects the red thread in my life: connecting people. Next to that, I have a passion for motorcycles and especially the vintage and custom scene. I grew up in the ‘70s and saw a lot of older, classic bikes, and I got really passionate about it. A few years ago, I bought a Triumph motorcycle and fell in love with it … but I also wanted to meet people who had a similar interest in bikes.

How did you get involved in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride?

I was once on my bike and stopped a red light, and I wanted to chat with a guy beside me who was also on a bike. It was noisy, we had big helmets on, and couldn’t really hear each other. It was a shame we couldn’t connect; I wanted to find a way to meet people who share my passion for motorbikes, so I started to do research online. I ended up taking a bike trip with my brother to Morocco, and during that trip we met someone who was involved in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. They asked if I would like to organize a ride in Rotterdam, so I set that up. It was nearly four years ago.

How was the first ride?

I was hoping for 20 people to show up, and in the end, there were 150 people! That was in 2015. In 2016, we had 300 riders; in 2017 we had 600 riders. I’m hoping this year will raise even more awareness.

What’s special about the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride?

I like the DGR because it has two goals: to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health, and to make people smile again when they see someone on a motorbike. There is a negativity about motorbikes and gangs, and the DGR helps to break down those stereotypes, because we all dress in our best suits.

What is it like to particulate in the ride?

It’s an amazing day. Once even the police stopped us and asked what was going on. When we told them, they wanted to join! So, we had two cops riding in front of us.

What are you planning to wear during this year’s ride?

I’m a true gentleman! I’m going to wear dark wash jeans that I had customised at the DENHAM store in Rotterdam; they made us really special, bespoke patches for the ride. I’ll pair those with a dress shirt, a bow tie and a jacket.

How many bikes do you down and which is your favourite?

I started with Triumph, then I bought a BMW and another. In my garage at this moment I have six bikes. My favourite is still my Triumph, which I’m really attached to. It’s taken me through so many adventures, including two trips to Africa.

DENHAM has just launched a collaboration with Barbour International. We heard your bike has a special connection to Barbour?

I have always loved Barbour and own lot of their jackets. I recently needed to get the back seat of my motorcycle reupholstered, which is normally done in leather. But instead, I had the idea to buy an old Barbour jacket and used that for the back seat.

DENHAM Ambassador: JP Schaddé van Dooren

Get to know our DENHAM ambassadors — our stylish friends who know a great pair of jeans when they spot one. Ranging from artists, designers and creatives to chefs and bloggers from around the world, these fashionable influencers each love DENHAM for different reasons … and each show us how they wear DENHAM with their own unique twist.

Name: I always introduce myself as JP, which stands for Jean-Paul Schaddé van Dooren … so it’s easier to remember JP!

Hometown: Amsterdam

 Profession: Co-founder of

 What is City We write about food, drinks and awesome hotspots in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and travel a lot to produce weekend guides.

Your website / Instagram: /

 Style summarised in three words: Start with confidence.

 How did you first hear about DENHAM? My first roommate in Amsterdam worked in fashion and told me about the brand. I have been hooked ever since!

What do you like about the brand? Jeans, jackets, sweats and perfect denim. What’s not to like?

What’s your favourite DENHAM style? Dark jeans, a grey sweater or a white shirt.

 Sneakers or boots? Sneakers.

Favourite travel destination: I prefer a city over nature, but I love to travel through countries in Asia for a month at a time. Then you might even find me at some beaches, too!

Your best fashion advice? Feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

 How do you style your jeans? Depends on the occasion, though preferably with sneakers and a t-shirt.

 Three things you would bring to a desert island? Sorry, no denim needed then! I would say a group of fun ladies, a bartender with an inexhaustible source of drinks, and a BBQ. Unless there is electricity and WiFi, in which case I would like to exchange one of these things for my phone, please.

JP is wearing the Razor GROF with the Crew Tee CJ and Standard Shirt PID.

DENHAM Ambassador: Priscilla Nelom

Get to know our DENHAM ambassadors — our stylish friends who know a great pair of jeans when they spot one. Ranging from artists, designers and creatives to chefs and bloggers from around the world, these fashionable influencers each love DENHAM for different reasons … and each show us how they wear DENHAM with their own unique twist.

Name Priscilla Nelom (@priscilla_krentenbrood)

Location Amsterdam

Profession Fashion and lifestyle editor & Instagrammer 😉

Style summarised in three words Sexy, cool, trendy.

Sneakers or heels? Definitely sneakers, but sometimes I squeeze in a little heel. Kind of funny, but there was a time when it was completely the other way around.

Favourite travel destination Barcelona!

Your best fashion advice? Don’t look at the sizes, and just try it on. I have extra small items in my wardrobe, but also extra large. If it fits, it fits…

How do you style your jeans? Depends on my mood and the occasion. If I go to work I often style my jeans with a blouse and cute sandals or boots. When I go out — let’s say to a festival — I like to combine my jeans with a girly (and sexy) top, and then mix it with dad sneakers. The contrast makes the outfit more interesting I think.

How did you first hear about DENHAM?

Hmm, let me think. I believe it was a couple of years ago. While shopping in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam, I passed a shop (DENHAM) with really nice stuff in the shop window. I had to step in the shop to have a peak at the collection …

What do you like about the brand? I love the fact that it’s a Dutch brand with international coolness. I also like the scissors logo — it’s so recognisable!

What’s your favourite DENHAM style? It’s hard to name just one style; I think the brand overall is really cool and that’s what I like about it.

Three things you would bring to a desert island? Bug spray (I’m terrified of insects!), my boyfriend (would be nice to have someone to talk to over there), and a magazine for the times that I don’t feel like talking with him, haha!

The Fall ’18 Collection Is Here!

DENHAM is excited to introduce its Fall-Winter 2018 collection, titled Indigo Manor.

The collection is inspired by Jason Denham’s own heritage in the Northern English countryside, from the steel foundries of Sheffield to the rolling Yorkshire Moors.

Designs fuse classic workwear references with indigo fabrics, modern tailoring and technical details. They channel the spirit of British country pursuits — think hunting and hiking at historic manor estates — while reflecting DENHAM’s signature utilitarian aesthetic. An autumnal colour palette is filled with rich tones like merlot, gold, burnt caramel and deep seaweed.

In time for the weather shift, the men’s outerwear offering includes the Chromium Jacket, a technical nylon piece with a down filling for supreme warmth. The Highland Parka is also a water-resistant, all-weather coat with an ergonomically-designed hood for extra protection in winter. For a more tailored look, the Trail Blazer jacket is a classic three-button style crafted form a double-knit wool-blend.

Women’s outerwear features the Libertybell Jacket, which has a sophisticated aesthetic with an asymmetrical centre closure and a high neckline; it’s cut from soft, Italian melton wool. For a more edgy style, the Triumph Biker is a classic, fitted biker jacket with a subtle pebbled finish and removable faux fur collar.

Click here to explore the new collection, which is now online!


Photos: Iris Duvekot. 


DENHAM X Anthony Burrill

As part of DENHAM’s 10th anniversary celebrations this year, we are excited to announce a collaboration with English graphic designer and printmaker Anthony Burrill.

As House Guest Artist in June 2018, Burrill will custom-create a typographic poster for DENHAM, featuring the brand’s “The Truth is in the Details” motto. Only 50 limited-edition screen-printed posters will be made and autographed by both Burrill and Jason Denham. The print will also be featured on men’s and women’s t-shirts, which will be available at DENHAM stores and via select wholesale partners.

When Denham first opened the DENHAM office in Amsterdam in 2008, he hung Burrill’s “Work hard & be nice to people” poster in the reception area. It has since served as a constant inspiration, and often receives compliments from visitors. Burrill’s work is now a DENHAM staple and is hung at stores worldwide including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Sydney, Shanghai, Hamburg and Tokyo.


Here is a short interview with Anthony!

Had you heard about Jason Denham before this collaboration?

I look out for my work and how people interact with it. I was very happy to see that Jason had started to collect it and display it in DENHAM stores across the world. That’s the most exciting part of what I do, when my work travels out in to the world and connects with people everywhere. I started to follow Jason’s work and discovered his amazing story. It was great to finally connect and make new work, especially for DENHAM.

Why did you agree to collaborate with DENHAM?

I think Jason and I share similar concerns about our work. There are many parallels about how we approach the process of creating new work — exploring new areas of inspiration and building on work that has gone before. It was a natural fit to work with Jason, who is great to collaborate with. We quickly developed the idea of the letterpress print, and when things come together quickly it’s always a good sign. A good collaboration is the joining of two creative minds to produce new work that is a product of both people. When you have a good connection with a collaborator, the energy and ideas flow easily and, above all, it’s lots of fun.

What was your favourite thing about this project?

Inviting Jason to the print workshop in Rye where I produce my work, and introducing him to Ian Foster and Derek Stonham, the two master printers I have worked with for the past 15 years. It was lovely to share our working process and explain how each print is carefully produced using antique letterpress type. I live and work in a beautiful place; my surroundings and daily experience inform the positive nature of my work.

What do you admire about Jason as a designer?

His singular vision, integrity and genuine openness to collaboration.

What do you think about DENHAM’s motto, “The Truth is in the Details”?

I believe it.

Introducing DENHAM X Atelier Reservé

Each season, DENHAM teams with an inspiring artist or creative to co-design a special edition collection. For Spring 2018, Jason Denham has once again partnered with Alljan Moehamad of Atelier Reservé, for a limited-edition collection including a denim jacket, a kimono and vintage bleach jeans.

The pieces incorporate tiger and skull embellishments, embroideries and lasered artworks, fused with the signature DENHAM DNA.

Alljan co-owns Atelier Reservé with designer Deyrinio Fraenk. They work with vintage garments and fabrics, and reconstruct them into new pieces to give them a fresh, new life.

“This project is a perfect example of a collaboration, bringing creativity together,” says Moehamad. “We’ve used authentic designs, special fabrics and damaged washes to create a unique collection.” 

“This collection combines DENHAM’s signature design DNA with Atelier Reservé’s incredible visual artworks and embroideries,” said Jason Denham, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DENHAM the Jeanmaker. “The designs are truly a fusion of our two design identities, with an east-meets-west aesthetic.”

DENHAM first introduced the “House Guest Artist” program in 2010, as a way to partner with up-and-coming creatives and give them a platform to express their talent. Coincidentally, Moehamad — who also goes by the artist name “Skulljan” — was the first ever House Guest Artist in the program. He created 10 special edition skull paintings that incorporated DENHAM’s scissors logo, and the motif was printed on tees, scarves and inside jackets.

Win a Trip to Italy!

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we’re hosting an exclusive contest in collaboration with Candiani Denim, one of the world’s most renowned denim mills. Our customers (yes, you!) have a chance win one of five weekend trips for two to Candiani’s mill near Milan, Italy, which is normally not open to the public.


We’ve designed three limited-edition jeans: two washes of the men’s Razor and one wash of the women’s Monroe, all made with Candiani fabric. All three are packaged in a commemorative anniversary box, and five boxes will have a winning “golden ticket” in the pocket. The lucky customers who purchase the jeans and find these tickets will win a weekend trip for two to Candiani!

The jeans are now available online and in select stores worldwide. Click to shop the men’s VIRGIN JEANS or WASHED JEANS.

The contest was inspired by Jason Denham’s favourite film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Share your experience via #mygoldencandiani for a chance to be featured!

Behind the Scenes at Candiani Denim

For over 10 years, DENHAM has worked in close collaboration with Candiani Denim, a renowned mill near Milan, Italy.

Candiani Denim was founded in 1938 by Luigi Candiani, and it has remained a family-owned mill that is today run by Luigi’s great-grandson, Alberto. Located in a nature reserve near Milan, it’s a beautiful mill that’s at the forefront of denim innovation. In fact, it’s called “the greenest mill in the blue world” because of its unrelenting commitment to sustainability.

The mill is normally closed to the public, but we recently visited Candiani and made some snapshots to give you a peek behind-the-scenes.

“I love the Italians because they break all the rules: they’re artistic and creative. They do things with the highest levels of quality, and their methods of weaving, manufacturing and washing are amazing. When we inject that into our products, the result is … well, mouth-watering.”

– Jason Denham

“A Decade of DENHAM” (Our 10-Year Anniversary Book)

As part of DENHAM’s 10th anniversary celebrations in 2018, we’ve published a coffee table book to commemorate our decade-long journey in jean making.

A Decade of DENHAM tells the full story of the brand and highlights our most memorable moments to date, as recollected by Jason Denham (Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DENHAM the Jeanmaker). Spanning 512 pages, the anthology also features over 800 stunning photos encompassing all things DENHAM: jeans, scissors, retail, staff, collections and more.

Book highlights include Denham’s personal collection of scissors; the best “virgin to vintage” jeans; top collaborations from the past decade; and a glimpse into the brand’s global retail presence.

A Decade of DENHAM pays tribute to our milestone 10-year anniversary in a beautiful way,” said Jason Denham. “The collectible book explores the spirit of our brand: the people, principles and ethos that make us unique. We’ve complemented the storytelling with pages and pages of visual candy — beautiful, glossy photos of denim, stores and scissors that will make your mouth water.”


“This book celebrates a designer and entrepreneur who we at MENDO look up to,” says Gunifort Uwambaga, Publisher at MENDO. “The final book is a beautiful object to have at home. It’s 500 pages of how to build a denim brand, all wrapped up in the highest quality of paper, print and finishing details.”

Similar to DENHAM’s approach to jean making, the book has been produced using the finest levels of authentic craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainability. It has been printed in the Netherlands with paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The launch of the book marks the start of DENHAM’S 10th anniversary year, which will be celebrated throughout the entirety of 2018. Each month, DENHAM will introduce a new collaboration, event or launch as part of a dedicated “Decade of DENHAM” program.

Click here to purchase the book.