From Team DENHAM: Amsterdam’s Best Restaurants

Here at DENHAM, we believe it’s impossible to visit Amsterdam and not fall in love with the city. We’ve been based here since 2008, when Jason Denham founded his namesake brand, and the city has always remained dear to our hearts. From the beautiful architecture to the culture, canals and cafes, there’s something for everyone … and when it comes to restaurants, we have some pretty great options to pick from. Scroll down for insider’s tips from our DENHAM team!


 Café Rijsel. My wife and I first went there by chance five years and we were blown away by their passion for cooking seasonal local produce. If you can get a table, I highly recommend it.”

Ben Sibthorpe, International Sales Director

 “My all-time favourite is The Seafood Bar. They serve very good food with a typical Amsterdam casual atmosphere. Try the fish and chips!”

Maggy Tuip, Collection Developer Denim

“My most special dinner was on Vuurtoreneiland. The whole experience of the island was really special to me: they have Amsterdam’s only lighthouse in the middle of nature, where they cook on open fire using only local products.”

Stephanie Beltman, Sales Manager Women NL

Loetje! It’s an original Amsterdam restaurant that serves the best ‘Dutch’ steak with gravy. I always order the Bali XL, which is spiced up with sambal and is extra large.”

Michiel Peters, Retail Manager Europe

“It’s hard to choose because there are many good ones and it depends on what I’m in the mood for! Some of my favorites are Brut de Mer,  Mr.Porter and Michiu (for sushi take-out).”

Marcia Godet, Retail Director

“I love De Klepel (super cozy and the best wine) and Restaurant Breda. They have high-quality food and best service, with a personal approach and warm ambiance.”

Milou Dooijes, Global PR Manager


From Team DENHAM: Best Summer Getaways

Ahhh, summer. There are few things we love more than the sand between our toes and the sun on our faces (especially because it rains a LOT in Amsterdam). But when Europe is at your doorstep, there are many options for where can you escape. Our DENHAM staffers share their favourite summer holiday destinations on this side of the Atlantic.

Emporda in Catalonia, Spain. Enjoy the beautiful Costa Brava coast; its got great little bays and local villages with traditional Catalonian food. There’s variety for everybody. See you there!”

Edward van Loo, Operations Manager After Sales

“So far my favourite spot is Crete in Greece. It’s got Caribbean vibes with transparent waters, white sand, lots of sun and amazing scenery.”

Mikael Torres, Ecommerce Conversion Manager

Lisbon is the ideal place to visit throughout the year. You can explore the city and get lost in the small streets, or enjoy delicious food and wine on the beaches. More time left? Rent a car and head up to Sintra for some cultural sightseeing!”

Deirdre Bijlstra, International Sales

“Anywhere in Italy — though Puglia is my favourite region. The whole countryside is dotted with adorable ‘trullo,’ which are little white houses topped with conical roofs. Plus, there are great beaches, incredible food and (of course) excellent wine. The whole atmosphere is wonderfully laidback and relaxed.”

Lydia van de Kreeke, Head of Copy

Corfu, Greece. If you go at the right time it’s not too hot. It’s a very green island and I really enjoyed driving around, exploring the small villages and beaches.”

Sjoerd Borneman, Production & Buying Director

Barcelona, Spain. There’s always nice weather, with tons of palm trees, good shopping and a beach in the city centre! Plus they have amazing food at affordable prices.”

Nadia Zouaoui Office Manager

Jason Denham’s Favourite Things in Japan

Our founder, Jason Denham, has always been fascinated by Japanese culture. The country remains one of his biggest sources of inspiration, and he frequently travels to Tokyo for business … and a scoop of camembert ice cream. Scroll down to read some of his top tips for Tokyo!

Okura Café

This place is a hidden gem. It’s a secret basement café below the Okura store; you wouldn’t know it’s there until you know about the sliding door that leads you to downstairs. They specialise in Japanese curry, which is one of my favourites, and they make incredible homemade ginger ale. I go there at least once every time I visit Japan.

Mon Cher Ton Ton Teppanyaki

I love teppanyaki, and this spot is in the heart of Roppongi Hills. It’s a fun hangout at night in Tokyo. The whole performance of the teppanyaki chef cooking in front of you is amazing.

Tsutaya Books

This is the best bookstore in the world. As is typical with the Japanese, it’s done to perfection — it’s massive and beautifully designed, with three buildings that are linked together. There’s a relaxed atmosphere, like a luxury library.

Jumble Tokyo

Another one of my favourite vintage stores in Japan. It’s constantly fresh and restocked. They specialise purely in denim and U.S. apparel from 1960 to the present day.


Isetan was founded in 1924 it’s the definition of retail perfection; it’s also the department store with the highest sales in Japan. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful stores in the world, and we’re very proud to sell DENHAM here.

Ginza Six

It’s the biggest fashion building in Japan, and the most beautiful. It houses the greatest luxury and concept brands from all over the world. It also has beautiful bookstores, bars, restaurants, cocktail bars and an incredible garden. It encapsulates the energy of Japan.

Camembert Ice Cream @ Le Petit Bedon

It sounds grotesque, but it’s a taste sensation! It’s actual ice cream made from Camembert cheese; it’s a French-Japanese creation.

From Team DENHAM: Amsterdam’s Best Brunch Spots

When it comes to weekends, our DENHAM team knows how to do ‘em right. And what better way to spend a Saturday morning than bottomless cups of coffee and brunching on pancakes? Here are our insider tips for where to head for the best brunch (and coffee!) in town.

Dignita in Oud West. They have the best pancakes in town, which they serve with vanilla mascarpone and a caramelised clementine. Order with a side of bacon and finish with a latte. They open early so it’s a great place to start to my weekend. I grab a window table, order my usual and get my thoughts together for whatever adventures lie ahead.”

Nimesh Gadhia, Menswear Designer

“The best brunch spot in Amsterdam Oost is Benji’s! I love the vibe and the food is amazing — especially their mashed avocado with grilled chicken.”

Jessica Kleyn, Ecommerce Fulfillment Manager

“It’s an Amsterdam classic: Bakers & Roasters.  The queues are horrendous but if you bag a spot on the bench and grab a coffee whilst you wait, the food is worth it.  The Huevos Rancheros is one of the best in the city!”

Katy Peck, Collection Developer

Samen is a super cool spot to sit in or outside, and enjoy their lovely healthy menu. The hazelnut latte is to die for!”

Nadia Zouaoui, Office Manager

“My two favourites are De Bakkerswinkel and Bakers & Roasters. Both places are cozy, have good vibes and friendly service. Try their delicious coffee, healthy juices or eggs dishes.”

Maretha Johan, Production Coordinator Tops


From team DENHAM: visit Amsterdam in winter!

While nothing can beat a canal cruise through Amsterdam in summertime, we have to admit that the city can be pretty beautiful in winter — despite the cloudy weather. If you’re thinking about visiting Amsterdam at this time of year, don’t think twice. The winter season is all about cosy cafes, museums, ice skating and more. And if you’re lucky enough to be in town for a rare snowfall, you’re guaranteed to fall even more in love with the city once it’s covered in a layer of fresh powder. Our DENHAM team share their favourite tips for what to do in Amsterdam in winter.

 “I love to cosy up in a brown bar playing cards or board games. The local bars are the best ones, like Festina Lente, the Laurierboom or Café de Tuin. Comfort food is also a must and places like Pendergast really fit the bill with slow cooked ribs and brisket. My last tip is the Festival of Light. Take a boat tour where you can tuck yourself into a blanket and have some mulled wine to keep you cosy whilst enjoying Amsterdam from the water!”

Katy Peck, Collection Developer

“You have to enjoy the Dutch winter cuisine! You haven’t experienced a true Dutch winter if you haven’t eaten a stamppot, which is a typical dish of mashed potatoes. You also have to try oliebollen; you can find several stands around the city. Eat them with lots of sugar for that extra rush. Finally, try a steak at Castel, near Leidseplein. It’s a restaurant that looks like a castle from the inside — there’s no daylight, but an amazing fireplace you can sit around while you eat your steak.”

Roosmarie Meester, HR Manager

“Everybody loves Amsterdam in the summer, but I really enjoy the vibe of the city in the winter. The lights on the streets, amazing reflections on water and the occasional fog create breath taking moments when you walk late at night along the canals. Start in the afternoon at Winel 43 and grab Amsterdam’s best apple pie. Then head to the Brouwersgracht, one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals. Along the walk, stop by JD William’s Whiskey Bar to warm up with a whiskey. For dinner, you might be unlucky without a reservation, but head to Envy for really, really good food. The real treat for winter nights is De Kas in Amsterdam east. The restaurant is located in a former green house meaning you have this amazing night experience of dining underneath the sky.”

Thomas Stegelmann, Head of Ecommerce

“Take a nice walk along the canals, followed by brunch and hot chocolate at Conservatorium Hotel.”

Maggy Tuijp, Collection Developer Denim

“Go to the Fondue Bar – they have the best cheese fondue in town! Fondue with truffle is my favourite. Otherwise, visit the Amsterdam Light Festival, the De Amsterdamse Winterparade or go ice skating at Museumplein. End the day with a specially brewed beer at Troost Westerpark.”

Maurice van den Brink, Systems & IT Manager

Jason Denham’s Favourite Things in Amsterdam

Though originally from England, Jason Denham (Founder of DENHAM the Jeanmaker), has lived in Amsterdam for over 20 years. From shopping to beer drinking, here are his tips for how to best enjoy Amsterdam.

9 Streets

My favourite district in Amsterdam is the “9 Streets.” I put the DENHAM HQ there and I live very close by. In the last 10 years I have watched the 9 Streets evolve. This area is full of hotels, bars, cafes, galleries, flower stores and smaller boutique speciality stores.

Canals at Sunrise

In the days before we had our daughter, I had a terrible habit of waking up and going to the studio at 5:00 a.m. Now I have a little more “life balance.” Though I have to admit that I love the city at this time. The canals are beautiful and very still — you feel like you own the city at this time of day.


This place has a buzzing brassiere vibe. It’s a cool hotspot to hang out and have some bites and a drink.


I love to collect and get inspired by books. MENDO, in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets, is one of my favourites. I feel like we’ve grown up with MENDO, because they opened two years before DENHAM, just around the corner. They have a beautiful store design and an incredible passion for retail.


Sander is the best-dressed chef in Amsterdam and he makes the healthiest, tastiest lunchtime bites.

Brown Cafes

I love to have a beer on any terrace in the summer, and the dusty old brown bars in the winter. One of my favourites is Cafe Tabac on the Brouwersgracht.

Eye Film Museum

This film museum is incredible; Amsterdam also has lots of cinemas, from small art house films to blockbuster locations.


I love coffee so much so that I decided to make one of our stores a coffee bar. We open at 8:00 a.m. everyday. My favourite coffee is Buscaglione Italian coffee, so we partnered with them to supply our beans. All of the staff is barista trained. Retail today is an experience, that’s why good coffee is so important.


This sums up Amsterdam life. You have beautiful organic markets with fresh, incredible ingredients. My wife and I like to go shopping there on weekends.

Photos courtesy Iris Duvekot.